Why we have AUTOMATIC subscription?

Sufficient number of teachers, convenience, to allow you to break down the payments into monthly increments, pause and cancel at any time.

Teachers  & Their Availability

As we mentioned in another article, learning a foreign language is like training to run a marathon: without practicing consistently you will never be able to reach your goal. Now, the main reason why we require an automatic subscription is because when you sign up we need to offer you a sufficient number of teachers to be able to provide you with enough time flexibility so that you can study consistently with the teacher of your choice. This means we need to hire, train, onboard and upkeep the teachers, in addition to constantly making improvements to our platform. So without the commitment from your end to take a certain number of classes per week we would never be able to hire any teachers.


With automatic subscription we reduce the back & forth and therefore avoid delays in processing the invoices. This allows you to continue to stay on track and not miss out on scheduling with your favorite teacher at your preferred time because of the delay in manually processing the invoices.

Your Responsibility

We believe that you should treat this program as if you were going to take classes in school or at the university: if you pay for the semester, do you get the money back if you slept through your class or weren't feeling well? The professor still has to get paid whether you took every class or missed a couple. Besides, there are costs associated with maintenance, lights, recruitment and other overhead and in our case it's the platform.


If you would like to get a refund you can request it, but keep in mind you will only get the prorated amount depending on the WEEK you requested your refund. For more details please read the complete Terms of Service.

Your Minutes NEVER expire

We understand that live gets in the way and if you want to make up the remaining classes when your schedule opens back up you can do it anytime, your lessons will NEVER expire and will be here when and if you decide to return.
How to make up the classes
You can do it by singing up for the lowest payment option of $48 a month (8 classes 30 minutes each) and request to increase the duration and frequency of the classes to make up the unused classes at the speed that works for you. If you don't like automatic subscription, then you can select a 6 month option and this way you can take advantage of a WHOOPING 25% OFF and have the ability to take some time off and then make up the classes as you please. Yes, if you have unused minutes at the end of 6 months, you will have to sign up for an active subscription or choose another 6 month option.

Your opinion matters

If you think of a better way to maintain the balance of a quality service and providing more flexibility to the user please request a video call with our founder here.