Why are the prices for Spanish Classes so low?

They are actually NOT and here is why:

We get this question a lot and the answer is because we genuinely want our students to actually succeed. In our opinion there is only one goal when it comes to learning Spanish and it is to help you overcome the language barrier and ultimately start thinking in Spanish.

Nobody has ever learned how to speak and even think in a foreign language by using an app or studying once a week with a teacher, otherwise everyone in the US will be fluent in Spanish, because pretty much everyone has taken it in high school.

It takes time and the more frequently and consistently you take classes, the faster your brain will start to think in another language which means you will have to pay for more classes. So, although it seems that the price per lesson is LOW if you add up all the classes you will have to take to get to where you want to be, the total cost will be significant.

We reduce our profit margin, because we realize that if learners study infrequently because of higher prices, they will never gain fluency and stop studying, which in turn will lead to unsatisfied users, bad brand image and ultimately force us to go out of business.