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What Spanish will I be learning?

There are as many dialects of Spanish as there are countries, but there are 2 distinct dialects: Spanish spoken in Spain and Spanish spoken in Central & Latin America. With us you will be learning the ladder.

Did you know the difference between these two dialect? There are many differences between the two, but the main one in our opinion is how you pronounce Cs, Zs and some other sounds. For example Barcelona in Barcelona is pronounced as BarTHelona instead of BarSelona - the way it's pronounced in the rest of the world. But even within Spanish spoken in Latin America every country has its own dialect: the word playa (beach) in Argentina is pronounced as plaSHA and in the rest of the countries of Latin America it's pronounced as playa. Ella (she) is pronounced as Eya in Castellano, Eja in the rest of the Latin America and EiSHa in Argentina. This is no different than how different people pronounce words in UK, Australia, South Africa and even within the US. People in Boston speak differently than people in New York, people in the South have different accents than people up North.

With us you will be learning Español with teachers from most of the countries in Central & Latin America, including Colombia, Peru & Argentina. Check out the full list of available teachers here