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What happens if the teacher is late or doesn't show up to a class?

There are several things that can go wrong during virtual classes: electricity and internet going out being the most frequent issues that our teachers face

We hire Native Speakers in Latin America and because they live there that's why our prices are very reasonable and although we test their internet connection before putting them to work, occasionally there could be unplanned events such as internet or electricity going out. Living in third world countries comes at a price, where because of corruption or other reasons they cut corners when building the infrastructure.

So what happens when the teacher does not show up within 5 minutes of your class. You need to give us a quick call at 917-592-4555 and one of our operators will try to reach out to the teacher to see what's going on. On rare occasions, our teachers may simply be running late. In any case you will get all the minutes with the teacher that you pay for. We will either reschedule the lesson at a different time that works for you or if the teacher just needed to restart the computer, we will extend the lesson by the amount of time the teacher was late.

We treat these accidents very seriously and if it starts to go out of hand with a particular teacher we take steps to prevent this from happening, to the point of considering terminating their employment.