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Should I study with the same tutor or alternate between different ones?

Consistency is the key to success, but exposing yourself to different accents and vernaculars is a good idea as well.

It could be redundant to introduce yourself every time you have a lesson with a different teacher and that's why we give you the option to study consistently with the same teacher at that time that works best for you. You will be able to schedule the lessons inside your user panel as shown in the GIF below. 

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But occasionally your schedule will not allow you to have a lesson with the same teacher and in this case we recommend to take a class with a substitute teacher and put to the test what you've learned with your regular teacher. Who knows, maybe this new teacher will be a better match for you and you will choose to continue studying with that teacher going forward.

It's also useful to expose yourself to different accents and vernaculars, because there are many ways to say the same thing. When you are studying with the same teacher you get used to what he/she says all the time and it's good to learn how to say things differently. It's also good to expose yourself to teachers with different accents, because people in every country in Latin America have their own distinct accent. Read more about what type of Spanish you will be learning with us here. 

It's always better to study consistently over taking a break because of the scheduling issue. Teachers are human too and sometimes they take days off, go on vacations, take time off for holidays or get sick. Should you stop learning? Of course it's tempting to take a break when your teacher is not available, but it's not in your best interest, trust us. Consistency is much more important even if you have to feel a little discomfort by switching to another teacher temporarily.