Subscription Cancellation & Refund

Please send an email to with the request to cancel/pause the subscription. NO refund will be issued if we do not receive the request for a refund within 60 days from the day of the last payment.

Please click here to review Payment and Refund Policy of our Terms of Service. Here we will explain the key highlights.

  • Your subscription WEEKLY, MONTHLY (every 4 weeks), 3 MONTHS (every 13 weeks) or 6 MONTHS (every 26 weeks) is broken down into weekly increments
  • You forego the discounts issued at the time of the purchase and the classes that are already conducted will be priced at a regular price
  • Refund will be issued for the lesser of:
    • The # of unscheduled lessons remaining during the week of & the following weeks when the refund was requested OR
    • The number of classes (minutes) that are left in your account
  • Your already scheduled classes will be cancelled if you request the refund.

Please click here to read our policy about what happens to your unused lessons.