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Privacy & Safety of the students

We take this concern very seriously and we rely on technology to help us address it.

Modern technology is never devoid of privacy concerns. As well, there are always teenagers who  want to test the limits or just show off. So here is how we address these concerns:

  1. We recommend to have lessons recorded on the student's device,  this way it serves as the "body cam" as intended to serve for Police Officers. This allows the teacher or parent to review the recording and see if anything was out of place, but most importantly as a preventive measure, deterring the students of any possible wrongdoing.
    It only takes a few minutes to set up Zoom and its recording feature, and it is absolutely free. 
  2. Another advantage of these recordings is that the teachers can review what was covered during each one-on-one interaction, identify the students' weak and strong points, and adjust their lesson plans accordingly.