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Peer-to-peer vs. Tutors

The choice is ultimately yours: do you want your students to learn to share their knowledge of the English language to their peers abroad, or simply enjoy being on the receiving end of practicing a world language.

Peer-to-peer language exchange program

The peer-to-peer exchange program implies that once a week your students will learn a foreign language from their peers abroad and during the second weekly session, they will help those same peers with English this time. To hear the feedback of the teachers and students participating in this program, please watch this 2 minute video


World language immersion program

Studying with tutors from Latin America is as simple as having a one-on-one class with a tutor. The difference boils down to the fact that your students do not need to reciprocate and the price is higher, because peers do not get paid, while the tutors need to earn a living wage. The tutors are vetted and the background checks can be provided upon request.


Tracking metrics for the teachers

In both cases, the platform tracks each student's individual progress by measuring the decreasing percentage of mistakes committed and the increasing rate of speech, and organizes this data in neat graphs for the teacher to review in his/her administrator's panel.

As well, in both cases the video lessons can be recorded on the learner's personal computers and shared with the teachers. We encourage to use this option despite the fact that it will take 5 more minutes to set up. This way it provides an opportunity for the teachers to actually go through the videos and to see how their students performed, as well as to prevent any unwanted activity from either side.