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Learning with a teacher vs. learning by doing

If Spanish (or any other foreign language) was taught the right way in the US, then everyone will be fluent, but the most common response to the question Hablas Espanol is "un poquito".

Every student has the expectation of how Spanish should be taught: "I want the teacher who can explain to me things in English, so I can understand why" and it's understandable, because we absolutely must know what the rules are so to make sense in our head why certain things are constructed the way they are, especially with those languages like Spanish, that have conjugations and that use different logic and patters.  But if you know someone close to you who has an accent, ask that person how did they learn English and you will find out that they did it mostly through having 1:1 conversations. Of course they probably had to learn the rules and so did you by the way, but if you ask them or yourself for that matter, do you think of any of these rules when you are speaking English, or do you even remember most of them, the answer most likely will be a resounding NO.

The reason why you expect this is because foreign languages are taught in the US the same way as math or science. But you cannot learn how to drive the car by starting to learn about all the parts in the engine and how the transmission works. Instead you need to get behind the wheel and start driving.

Of course at first you will be frightened, slam on the breaks too hard, forget to turn the signal and check your rear view mirror, but the more you practice the faster you will create the right habits. We apply the same approach to learning Spanish, of course our native-speaking tutors can explain to you the ins and outs of why they say certain things the way they do, but we do not recommend to fixate on that too much and instead continue to "getting behind the wheel" and practicing it just like your friend with an accent did when he/she first came to the US.

Leave learning the grammar rules and answering the question why for after the lesson, when doing homework with your individual mistakes. Our tutors transcribe what you say into our platform and then make corrections all in real time, thus taping into your visual memory👀. Our platform will then automatically generate fill-in the blank and multiple choice exercises, which are based on your individual mistakes and words that you need to learn and not the words that often taught in the regular classroom.

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In conclusion, you can come to us with your set of expectations of what you think is right or what you are used to and we will accomodate your request, but if you spend most of the class speaking English, you are missing out on the valuable time when you could be speaking Spanish. We urge you to give our approach of 1:1 interaction with native speakers, coupled with visualization, personalized content and lesson-by-lesson tracking tools a chance and we guarantee that in just 2 weeks you will see a drastic improvement even without having to know all the rules. You will more than double what you can say and how fast you speak in the same period of time (lower graph) and you will reduce the error percentage, you will just know how to say it and if someone asks why, just be honest and say you don't know, at the end who cares as long as you speak and understand.

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