How does OCTB compare to Preply, Italki, Verbling and other marketplaces.

Just like Uber and Lyft brought down the price of commuting, marketplaces like, and have enabled more people across the world to teach their native language.

Unlike Uber and Lyft most of these marketplaces allow their tutors to set their own rate and take a cut from what they charge, therefore eliminating any headache of finding the right price. When it comes to teaching English we fall in the same category of allowing our tutors to set their own rate. But when it comes to Spanish we set a fixed hourly rate and use a system that resembles that of Uber and Lyft.

When it comes to learning languages, marketplaces like Italki, Preply, and Verbling strongly rely on student rating to ensure quality, and allow their tutors to handle the class structure and curriculum on their own. This is the main difference between Overcome the Barrier and these marketplaces. We require all of our tutors to use our platform during the class, and even offer a curriculum that they can use for their classes.

Our platform not only taps into the learners' visual memory, it also helps them zero in on their individual mistakes, sustain motivation by tracking their progress on lesson-by-lesson graphs, and guarantees that all tutors follow a certain structure across all lessons.

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