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How fast can I expect to become fluent in Spanish?

The speed depends on many variables, but in our experience a learner on average jumps one level in just 25-30 lessons. (there are 6 levels in total).

We believe that the fastest way to learn a foreign language is to immerse in live 1:1 interaction with native speakers. Consistency and frequency play a huge role. The more classes you take, the faster you will become fluent. Yes, with every additional class a week you increase your weekly spending on classes but you shorten the total time it will take for you to become fluent, ultimately saving the time & money.

Now, here is what makes OCTB different from other online language classes: during the lesson your teacher types what you say and then makes corrections. By visualizing your mistakes in real time and then being able to practice them by doing personalized homework that consists of fill-in the blank and multiple choice exercises. You will improve faster than you ever thought possible! Click here to read more about our approach.